Organize Your Favorites and Subscribe to Sites

Line Callout 3: Click the Favorites button on your IE toolbar to open the Favorites window.



Line Callout 3: Right click a Favorite shortcut and select the Properties command from the context menu.



Click “Make this page available offline” check box for additional options.

Line Callout 3: Once you have subscribed to a page, the synchronization summary will display these values.



Click the Schedule tab to set an update schedule to synchronize your Favorites.



The Download tab contains settings for pages to download

and email notification when content on the selected Favorites changes.

Line Callout 3: The advanced button leads to setting specifying the type of content you want to download with the offline content.



Advanced Download Options include the type of items you want to download.



Click the “when this page changes…” checkbox and fill out the email information,
if you wish to be notified when the page changes…


Click Apply, then OK.

Line Callout 3: You can enter your login information for a site that requires a user name and password, but it is not necessary to enter your Network login to use this feature.Line Callout 3: Click 0 or 1 to limit the pages gathered if you download the page.



When you view your Favorites, you can easily see to which pages you have subscribed.

Line Callout 3: Notice that IE changes the icon representing your subscribed page, so you can easily see which pages in your Favorites you have subscribed to.



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