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or, how to get started building web pages...

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So, you have a lot of bookmarks?

If you use the internet at all, ever, you surely have saved some bookmarks or "Favorites" to quickly bring you back to web sites you frequently use, or whose URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) are difficult to remember, or simply too long to type.

Eventually, even if you are very good about organizing your Favorites into folders, or naming them each with an easy to remember name (you don't have to use the site name provided by the web site, when you save the bookmark) -- you will have so many that you have trouble scrolling through them all.

You have seen Yahoo and similar sites arrange links by category or interest area...

You can do the same thing with your Favorites folder, by building yourself a Web page out of your Favorites!

How to do it...

What you need to get started

A browser (either Internet Explorer or Netscape will do)
A web page editor or word processor. I use either FrontPage or Microsoft Word, for either the Macintosh or Windows.

The steps

  1. First, it helps to have your Favorites already organized into folders, but even if you haven't done that already, you can do it later.

  2. Open your browser of choice.

  3. Select the File menu, Import and Export command.

  4. Follow the prompts.

  5. Choose to Export your Favorites (IE) or Bookmarks (Netscape) as a file..

  6. Usually, it is easiest to export to your desktop.

  7. Export as a document. It will be called bookmark.htm or bookmarks.html.

  8. Open the resulting  HTML file with your editor of choice (see above).

  9. You will notice that each bookmark is now a hyperlink, organized under headings with the same name as the folder in which it was saved.
    Built-in hyperlinks!



Now, you can edit the text, so that the hyperlinks are understandable to you. You may find truncated URLs or odd characters representing parameters sent with the URL at the time you saved the bookmark. Just select the text, but NOT including the end of paragraph mark (that will overwrite the hyperlink!) and edit how the text for the link will read. The underlying hyperlink should still work, if you've done it right...

Once you get the hang of that, you can select entire hyperlinks, then drag and drop them under the category or folder name that makes the most sencse to you. You can change the font used to display the links, the colors, etc., just like in ay word processing or web document.

Whether you have used Word or a web page editing program to edit your Favorites, you can save the page to a location on your hard drive, then, in your browser, select to use that page as your "home page."

Once you get started, you may find having such easy access to such an attractive collection of links gets you interested in building web pages. 

That's how I got started...



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