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This is a sample of the Clear Teal theme, shown as a "color master" for the web site. 

Creating a page showing the fonts, colors and graphics used on a site to which multiple authors contribute allows each to plan the formatting of contributions and to compare how contemplated graphics and similar entries may need to be "tuned" to the scale and tones used on a site. It helps to have most of the repeated graphics collected on a page like this, for the same reason.

Fonts for Body text in this custom Theme are predominately Sans Serif fonts: Verdana, Arial, Tahoma or Trebuchet MS.

Fonts for Headings include Lucida Bright, Book Antiqua, or any Serif font.

Colors used include

Headings 1 & 2  -- #336699

Heading 3  -- #666699

Heading 4 -- #800080

Hyperlink  - #006666

Followed  - Navy

Active  - Very light green

Hovered  Aqua

  • Bullet list
    • More bullet list
      • Even more bullet list

      -- rule.gif

      Selection of Colors

      336699 99EEEE 800000
      415C67 007F97 FFFBDA
      FFEBDC 00082 CCEAEA
      003366 DBF0DD E8F0F0

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