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Some of the links listed here are to sites that played a part in my journey learning web development. I add links to sites I think I can learn from. 
The "Samples" and "Articles" sections show some of my personal and in-process work; 
"My Resume" is here. Thanks for visiting.
I hope you, too, find something useful here. If so, click here to add this site to your favorites.

Web Resources

Sources for a variety of code, HTML info, page design ideas, web news, and the latest standards.

Reference Links

Dictionary and thesaurus, news and weather, career, technical and legal information sources.

Graphics Sources

Links to free graphics, page counters, as well as posters and artwork for sale.


Music, mp3's, players and editors.


News and weather, updated regularly...

Personal & Friends

Web sites I visit for ideas and inspiration.

Samples &

Samples of my work and Articles I have written or adapted for workshops on intranet use.

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